If you want to write in a diary, but don’t want to carry around an actual, physical, heavy book (or are tired of LiveJournal), then Memoires: The Diary is the app for you.

Brought to you by Victor Nakonechny, Memoires: The Diary App is the way to go to keep a chronicle of your day-to-day life on your phone or tablet. Not only can you enter text, you can also put in photos, audio and images to create the scrapbook of your life.


  • The app can link to social networking accounts if you wish for your private thoughts to be not-so-private
  • Strong password and encryption protection
  • Extras like emoticons and font style and size choices
  • Gives you the weather and lunar phases
  • Can geo-locate your position
  • Free!
  • Widgets to this app are also available to download


  • Keyboard can be twitchy, especially with the auto-correct
  • The only emoticons are smileys
  • It’s more of a scrapbook than a traditional diary application
  • The interface is not always intuitive
  • The name of the app is a little confusing. Is it misspelled? Is it a new funky way of saying memories? Who knows.


Memoires: The Diary App is good for a more personal way to record your life than Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. More like a personalized scrapbook than an actual diary, it’s a good way to note down those interesting events, facts, or happenstances that occur in day to day life.

Memoires: The Diary App is available to download for Android platforms. For more information on the app and how to download, go here. And don't forget that this is your last week to enter to win an iPad with the back-to-school word of the day!