Congratulations to Niagara County Sheriff's Deputy Joey Tortorella for being one of 13 officers honored with the Medal of Valor by President Obama in a ceremony yesterday.

Getty Images / Chip Somodevilla

In April of 2015, Tortorella confronted and subdued a man who had shot and wounded his parents inside their Wheatfield home. His actions prevented the gunman from threatening the safety of students at nearby Errick Road Elementary school where, coincidentally, Tortorella's children attended and his wife taught.

Fifteen rounds were exchanged during the incident, one bullet hitting Tortorella's chest, deflected by his bullet proof vest. The shooter, 25-year-old-Duane Bores, Jr., eventually took his own life.

After putting the medal around Tortorella's chest, President Obama is seen whispering something to him.

Getty Images / Chip Somodevilla

"I'm proud of you, man," is what was uttered.

This isn't his first brush with awards. He's received many local and state awards, including New York State Deputy Sheriff of the Year.

We salute you sir, and thank you for your service and for keeping us safe!