The new law took effect in NYS January 1st. Not obeying it can impair safety and result in hundreds of dollars in fines!

It requires drivers to slow down and switch lanes when passing parked emergency vehicles with flashing lights. In Western New York, two serious violations of the Ambrose - Searles "Move Over" Act (commonly referred to as the "Move Over Law") have occurred.

On Thursday, Linda M. Brandel of North Tonawanda, drove her car so close to Niagara County Sheriff Deputy Sean Furey's police car, that she hit his front wheel. Deputy Furey was parked with lights flashing on Robinson Road in the Town of Lockport for a traffic stop.

Ms. Brandel was arrested and charged with violating the "Move Over law", along with other violations. Deputy Furey was not injured.

Earlier in the week, Volunteer Fireman Jim Stevenson, from the Spring Brook Fire District, was hit and thrown while he directed traffic at an accident scene on Route 400 in Elma. Fireman Stevenson is recovering after being treated at the Erie County Medical Center in Buffalo.

(courtesy of  WKBW-TV)