Many parents already know keeping their babies and toddlers in a rear-facing car seat is the safest position while traveling in a car. Now, it's the law for all children up to age 2.

"Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a law Monday that requires all children under 2 years old to be seated in rear-facing car seats as a safety measure," reports WGRZ.

The new law will officially be in effect on November 1, 2019.

Why is rear-facing a big deal when it comes to safety? According to research from the American Academy of Pediatrics, "...children up to 23 months old are about 75 percent less likely to die or sustain serious injury in a rear-facing car seat than a forward-facing one."

Consumer Reports states, "...a rear-facing seat spreads the crash force more evenly across the back of the car seat and the child’s body. It also limits the motion of the head, reducing the potential for neck injury, and keeps the child more contained within the shell of the child restraint."

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