New York State has the largest lottery in the country, and a big portion of their sales come from scratch-offs. Kids seem to love getting to be the ones scratch off the lotto tickets!


I remember the simple thrill of it too. When I was younger my Grandma would buy scratch-offs and give me a coin to do the scratching! I would scratch my little heart out and hope for a big prize! But almost always ended up disappointed, but still wanted to be the designated scratch-er for them!


According to WGRZ  New York State is advising that parents and guardians do not allow their children to do this! While it is legal for a child to scratch the lotto  ticket, NY believes it causes negative affects on the child. Addiction to gambling is one of them.

"At holiday time, adults should consider that there are certain gifts – like scratch-off lottery tickets – that are not appropriate for kids, and that could put their well-being at risk down the road," - State Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services commissioner Arlene Sánchez González.


This is an affect I've never even considered. While I understand the states concerns, I can happily say that I have no interest in gambling at all (I like my money too much) and I did plenty of scratching on the scratch-offs!


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