Governor Cuomo and New York State are ironing out the fine details but have a very conceptual agreement for plans on minimum wage and paid family leave for the fiscal year that begins on Friday.

On Tuesday, March 30, Cuomo and leaders went behind closed doors in attempt to get the budget passed on time and it is looking like it is on pace to do just that.

  • Paid Family Leave--Workers will get up to two-thirds of their average salary for 12 weeks in New York. How will it be funded? Workers would have about $1 a week taken out of their paychecks. Federal law lets workers take up to 12-week-leave unpaid, but you must be there for over a year.
  • Minimum Wage--It's been quite the debate in New York State, but it almost officially signed. Initially, Cuomo wanted a $15 minimum wage statewide by July 2021, but it is looking like it will a little longer. New York City will see a $15 minimum wage by 2018.