From the pages of "BRILLIANT CONCEPTS"...

It's a little annoying to walk into a bar lately and see everyone hunched over and texting. No one is talking to friends. No one is flirting. They're just texting and sometimes drinking.

Enter: A new beer glass that FORCES you to use your smartphone as an inanimate object ( IS...) and actually speak to people.


The idea is that with this missing chunk at the bottom of the beer glass, you have to slide your phone underneath to prop it up, to keep it standing. So you can either hold your drink and use your phone one-handed...or put your drink AND phone down and actually talk to people. Using words. Coming out of your mouth. Face to face. OH, THE HORROR!!!!!

While it's kind of brilliant, the only issue is that, well, no one would actually use it because you don't want to risk accidentally getting your phone wet. So there's that.

But I give Salve Jorge Bar in Sao Paulo, Brazil many kudos for the effort!