This morning on the show we talked about the top 5 things people regret before they pass on. #1 was ‘not being themselves all of the time and molding to others' expectations’. There's so many things that we all want to accomplish before we die and JOY listeners all called in this morning talking about what was on their bucket list. Got me thinking I've done a lot in my lifetime but, here are some things I have still yet to do...


1. Safari in Africa: I don't care if it costs me $20,000. I would love to do this before I die. Actually I need to. I've always loved going to the zoo but for crying out loud, what's sweeter than seeing them without cages while you're in a jeep? Not much.



2. Bungee Jump Off A Bridge:  This is a weird one because I hate ladders. I hate not being secure while being up high. But, this is one thing I would do. I've been on the Skycoaster at Darien Lake and I've gone sky diving. This would complete the trifecta.


3. Be a Teacher: When I retire from radio. Back to school it is...


4. Triathlon: All I want to do is just finish one. JUST ONE. haha


5. Learn German fluently: I'm 100% German and know a chunk of German but I've never set aside enough time each day to be able to speak it. All my grandparents speak it and I think this might be one that I do sooner than later....


6. Lucky Draw: JUST ONCE. I can NEVER win.


7. Hot Air Balloon: Soar me across in that baby. I'll be nervous but, just do it.

 There's probably a bunch more that I think of when they come across my mind. I'll add on as I remember.

What's on your bucket list?