At the last minute last evening, my boyfriend and I decided to strap the kayaks to the top of the car and have some water time.  The weather was perfect for it, and we hadn't been out in a year, so why not take advantage of it, as we wound down the evening!

We launched from Eastern Park on Fillmore Ave in Tonwanda and made our way up the channel to the canal, headed east past Dockside, turned around and head west to where the canal meets the Niagara River (what a VIEW!  Peering down to the bridge is so pretty!) and back.  Nice little jaunt on a nice day!

Here are a few pics...though it was so bright out I had NO idea what I was pointing and shooting at through my phone! Reminded me of the "old times" when you took pics with a disposable camera and didn't know exactly what you caught until you had it developed! :)

Do you kayak? Where's your favorite place to set sail? I'm looking for more summer adventures! :)