September 29th was National Coffee Day, and to celebrate the occasion, my co-host Val Townsend brought in an 'extra large double double with a double shot of espresso' from Tim Horton's.  Sounds great right?  It was, except that I don't drink coffee, ever.

I'm not really even sure why, and to be fair, when I say 'ever' I did drink a Nitro Cold Brew at the Fair courtesy of Val.  That had me bouncing off the walls and doing a push up contest.  She seems to be a bad influence on me when it comes to caffeine.

I never understood people's need for coffee, and I never wanted to fall into that trap.  You know the trap.  The one where you are useless to the world until you've had your coffee, so you wait in a mile long car line because you can't live without it.  My thought has always been just suck it up!  My view has now changed.

The coffee Val supplied was phenomenal.  It tasted great, which was always one of my turnoffs for coffee.  Not that I had tasted it, but every time my math teacher would breath on me I would unfortunately taste it.  There's an image you can't erase!

I actually enjoyed drinking it, and what once looked like an insurmountable amount of coffee was now finished.  I practically pounded it.  My alertness immediately skyrocketed and I felt great!  Was this the magic I had been missing out on for 39 years??

I could see myself doing this everyday and taking over the world!  What could possibly stop me with this new found energy.  I began thinking of everything I could accomplish that I was normally too tired to do...and that's when it hit me.  Don't fall into the trap.  Everyone I know that drinks coffee relies heavily on it to get through their day.  The effects are not the same for them anymore.  I'm sure at one point they too felt like Superheros, but now they are just drones in the coffee rat race.

What do I do?  I want to feel this magic every time I drink coffee.  I don't want to drink it just to drink it, I want to drink it with a purpose.  My plan is to put it in my back pocket.  If I don't drink it everyday, it will do what it needs to do when I do drink it.  It will be my crutch when I need it most.  Plus it will save me lots of money and keep me from frustrating lines. Double Double win!

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