Looking for a wee bit of Monday Mischief?   I became obsessed with this a few months ago, and now I can't leave someone's home, and NOT do this.Basically, all you need is one sharpie, and some eggs in a carton, and some alone time in the kitchen.  Then you draw faces on the eggs, shut the carton and wait for surprised reactions  Here is my attempt on a recent victim.  Think I need to create more evil looking eggs.  Well, he texted me this picture, later that day with a "Ha!"  You can further the mischief by acting all innocent.  :-)

BTW. The joke was played on me, by me.  I drew on our own eggs at home, and kept waiting for my daughters to notice.  Well, a few days go by, and I am like "Hey, have you two noticed the eggs?"  I showed them the carton, and they both said, "Mom, you are the only one that eats egg."  A wee bit of egg on the face, right?