In Miami it was all tricks and no treats.  Just when things were looking good, we get blindsided by our rival and lose more players to injury.  We went to squish the fish, and instead it jumped up and slapped us in the face.


It was truly a house of horrors on Sunday watching our defense get gashed for over 200 yards by a running back no one has heard of.  I still can't pronounce his name, which doesn't matter because the game left me speechless.

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It was like having your heart ripped out watching the Bills yesterday.  The Bills are an abusive spouse - we keep taking the beatings, but for some reason we stick around because maybe things will change.  It's all we know, and we are growing numb to the pain!


We had 2 different players knocked out during the game!  3 if you count the fact that I blacked out after the Miami 60+ yard TD on 3rd and 6.  What even was that??  Our defense looked like the keystone cops.  The most amazing part of that play was the fact that I didn't spill any beer as I jumped up out of my seat and had a convulsion.  I'm still not sure how that didn't happen!


Now I don't want to get dramatic and say the season is over, we already did that once this year and it backfired.  This loss definitely hurts and makes the gauntlet of games coming up that much more difficult.

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Tom 'Cry' Brady will be here this week and we need to rebound quickly.  You know the Pats would love to stick it to us after the shutout we dealt them in their house a few weeks ago.  Maybe someone can knock him out during the game.  Is that too much to ask??  I'm asking on behalf of America because that would make for a great Halloween!


For now, we will have to see where this roller coaster season takes us next.  God speed.