It's a new era for MC Hammer. MC Hammer was one of the biggest and richest artist of the 90's.  He was known for his mega hits and mega kindness. If you needed a job he gave you one.  He loved the city of Oakland so much he purchased a helicopter to fight crime. The inside of his former home which sits high on a hill in Oakland was filled with gold fixtures and designed for a king.   No one could of ever foreseen that Hammer in all of his opulence would wind up spending every last cent. 

We did not hear much from MC Hammer after he filed for bankruptcy. When he emerged he was a new man singing the praises of gospel and now he is singing the praises of the web.  Hammer announced that he has a new web venture titles WIRED00 at San Francisco's web 2000 summit . WIRED00 will be a new search engine not offered to the general public.  

Via Yahoo