Macrocosm Productions came out with a movie called FANG and it was nothing short of fantastic!



The movie itself had an Evil Dead vibe to it. It had some humor along with gore. There was quite a bit of blood but that is just normal for horror films these days. They did a Q & A after and they did say how Adam Steigert (the film director) used much less blood in this one. I can't see how this was possible. In this pic is Keith Lukowski (Producer) and Adam Steigert (Director)

Of course when you attend these premieres you get to see other people as well. Well, I ran into my good friend, Larry Saunders. Larry Saunders is really a hidden gem in Buffalo. He has worked on so many local and international films and is just all around a phenomenal person.

The Q&A is always fun because you get to hear some of the behind the scene stories. Here is a pic of some of the main actors in the movie:

Didn't make it to the premiere? That's ok you can purchase FANG on Blu Ray!