As we get older, our fears seem to either fade away or grow even more.

Delilah shares a dilemma from a loyal listener trying to face her fears that continue to grow:

Dear Delilah,

The older I get, the more I worry. I close myself from the world, afraid of it. I’m frustrated because I know I shouldn’t care. I get major anxiety but I’m trying to push forward, to not care. I miss appointments and major priorities because I think the world is out for me. I put my career on hold because I fear failure. I’ve isolated myself from everything and everyone. I have a family I keep closed in my home.

I’m so miserable; I need to live! I don’t want my daughter to live in the fear that I’m in. I need some of your wise words to tell me how you brush off your fears and gain enough confidence to face the world.




Dear Jordyn,

You suffer from major anxiety and depression and you need medical help.  Can you get to a doctor and share your fears with him or her? My daughter who is 19 becomes paralyzed with fear because of her anxiety and it kills me to watch her so unable to move out of her fears.

That said, here is what I do know. God loves you. He made you in HIS image. You are perfectly formed; there is nothing about you that is not acceptable to Him. Because of that truth, we don't have to wonder or worry if we are "good enough"...because we are PERFECTLY made. God adores you just the way you are, so you don't have to "earn" His love or approval...

The world? That's another story!! The world is fickle, and the world will gossip and say unkind things all the time. I'm a white woman, 53, who has 13 kids...10 of them are black, 1 is mixed white/black and 2 are mixed white/Hispanic. Do I care what others think? NO WAY...they gossip and talk and carry on and I could care less. It hurts me when others say unkind things to my kids, but I teach them to ignore the haters, cause haters gonna hate. Folks gossip because I'm divorced, more than once...because I live an unconventional lifestyle with kids and animals and chaos around me...because blah blah what? God loves me, my kids love me, and I love the woman that God has created me to be!

When you realize how valuable you are to the Lord, and how unique and special you are, you can then realize how much it does NOT matter what others say or think...and you can free yourself from that worry. Life is so darned short. Too short to stay inside for fear of what idiots might say or do., laugh and love to the fullest!

God bless you,


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Rachel Specht contributed to this post