We were talking about proms last week and I admitted that, at Jamestown High School, there was only ONE prom: the SENIOR prom.

I went to three of them.

My sophomore year, I was dating a senior.  My junior year, I was dating a senior. My senior year, I was dating a junior. (These were all "long-term" relationships, by the way, I didn't get around.  I dated each one for the entire year)

Here are my actual prom pictures, note the stark difference in style.

1991 (note the satin flats that HAD to be dyed to match the dress) :

Townsquare Media / LD

And here....1993 (my senior year)...a little "darker"....

Townsquare Media / LD


I don't have a photo from my date in 1992, but for some reason, I do still have that dress.  Tomorrow, I'm going to try to get back into it.  It may be like trying to get toothpaste back in the tube, but I'm gonna give it a shot. Stay tuned for that ridiculousness.

Maybe it's just me showing my age, but scrolling through Facebook this weekend, I noticed a LOT of risque outfits on girls.  Many were beautiful and demure, but a trend seemed to be: show as much skin as allowed by law.  Did you notice that?

BTW, it's not just prom dresses that got some attention, did you see this?