If you've listened to the show long enough, you know I'm obsessed with the Food Network. And the Cooking Channel. And really ANY cooking show (Master Chef, Hell's Kitchen, etc).

True story:  I've got Food Network on RIGHT NOW at home as I type this.

Back in May of 2013, I learned one of the contestants on the Food Network's "Next Food Network Star", Nikki Dinki, was from Clarence; and I had to get in touch with her!

We chatted again a few months later; and then, VOILA, being the star that she is, Nikki landed a sweet gig with Junk Food Flip on the Cooking Channel, cohosting and creating with Bobby Deen.

I also fell in love with Nikki's recipe for Buffalo Cauliflower Burger.

So after chatting on Twitter for almost three years, we finally met up this weekend at Barnes and Noble in Amherst for her BOOK SIGNING! She spent all that time putting together this BEAUTIFUL, hard-cover book (oh, and starting a family!) "Meat on the Side", and she had to bring her official unveiling back to her hometown of WNY!

(Many apologies for my phone crapping out at the end of the interview – my carrier will receive a strongly worded letter!)

So I tried to rescue with another short video, but it kept crapping out!