Let US Be Your Secret Santa!

We've been talking about office Secret Santa for a few days now...and I'm in a real "sticky wicket" (I don't think I used that term correctly) because I STILL am at a loss for what to get the person I drew for ours!

Val Townsend also put together a handy list of top 5 gifts for your coworkers if you're stuck too!

Consider US your #6!

If you're still having a tough time getting that perfect Secret Santa gift, shoot me an email.  Let me know where you work, a little about your Secret Santa, and a little about you and what your office does!!  I'll also need to know if/when you'll both be in the office next week!

Townsquare Media

Four lucky offices will be treated to these two knuckleheads (Eric and me) coming to your office and personally delivering your Secret Santa gift to the lucky recipient...Paula's Donuts!  (Winners will be notified by the end of this week!)

Hey, anyone can pick up a candle at the dollar store or grab a handful of airplane bottles of vodka, but if YOU'RE selected, you're the new office hero!!!

(Last week we were at Paula's Donuts in West Seneca...in case you missed the magic, here's our #1 Track Throwback video from there....)