Earlier today the Lancaster Police Department issued a warning via Facebook to residents about a recent rash of vehicle larcenies, targeting unlocked cars, and occurring mostly overnight.

Here's the complete message from the Lancaster Police Department:

Over the past several days, our officers have taken multiple reports of residents' vehicles being entered, and money or property being stolen, in several neighborhoods in Lancaster. Almost all of these incidents occurred overnight and involved vehicles that had been left unlocked.

Here are a few tips to avoid this happening to you:
- Remember to remove all money and other valuables from your vehicles (preferably) or put them out of sight (in the trunk or a locked compartment).
- Make sure that your vehicle is locked and the windows are up.
- Try to park in a well-lit area.

**Be watchful for suspicious persons or activity in your neighborhood, especially near vehicles and after dark.**

**If you notice any suspicious persons or activity, CALL Lancaster Police IMMEDIATELY at 683-2800, or dial 911 for an emergency.**

Remember to always lock your car and don't keep valuables in plain view. If you have any information about the break ins, contact the Lancaster Police Department at 716-683-2800, or dial 911 for an emergency.