One of my LEAST favorite household chores is unloading the dishwasher.

I have no problem loading it up....but unloading it, for whatever reason, is a tremendous task for me.  Unfortunately, this can lead to a build up of dirty dishes in the sink.

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After reading this study, I may be a little more apt to keep the kitchen more tidy.

Almost 100 women were asked to wait in a kitchen.  Half of them were in a kitchen that was cluttered, the other half in one that was more orderly.  But both kitchens had bowls of crackers, cookies, and carrots set out for them to munch on while they waited.

The women in the cluttered kitchen ate DOUBLE the amount of cookies than the women in the tidy one!

The theory is that if you're in a chaotic environment, YOU feel chaotic too.  As in "if everything else around me is out of control, why shouldn't I be?"

The stress factor was noted as well, and as we all know, stress is bad for you! Naturally you've heard of cortisol and it's increased effects on belly fat.  Cortisol is the hormone released when in stressful can also trigger an increase in appetite.

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Meditation, exercise, and therapy were all recommended to reduce stress.

Or, you can start with a cleaner kitchen. :)