This is it!

One of these Top 20 pups (and his/her mom or dad) will take home the grand prize in Joy FM's Dog Days Of Summer contest: $500 cash, $100 to any Niagara Frontier Veterinary Society hospital and a doggie spa package from Canine and Company! So select your favorite pooch, then click the blue button at the bottom of this post to go vote.

From now until Thursday, August 22 at 5 p.m., Joy FM VIPs may vote once per day for their dog of choice. (If you’re not a Joy FM VIP yet, sign up now! And if you run into any issues with voting, please feel free to contact our webmaster, who will assist you as soon as possible.) Laura Daniels will announce the winning contestant during the Joy Morning Rush on Friday morning (August 23).

Nemo (Submitted by Tim LaDuca)

‘Nemo’ submitted by Tim LaDuca

Nemo is our 15-month-old dwarf Border Collie. He has had many medical issues over the course of the last year, but he is the most loving, attentive and handsome little boy. He always puts such a smile on everyone's face.

Lilly Mae (Submitted by Ashley Webb)

'Lilly Mae' submitted by Ashley Webb

Lilly is a fun-loving puppy that is almost 2 years old. She loves giving kisses and loves to play. She has two sisters that she loves and protects. Lilly needs surgery on both of her knees. I would like to get her surgery done soon, but I am currently saving up for it. She does not let her knees hold her back. She continues to run around and play.

Lilly (Submitted by Bill Weisbeck)

‘Lilly’ submitted by Bill Weisbeck

Lilly is a wonderful 8-week-old Newfoundland that loves to roll in the grass, swim in her kiddie pool and lay in front of any fan she can find to keep her cool on these hot summer days. Her favorite hobby is to hide any gardening tools, sneakers or flip-flops she can find lying around. Born in a valley in Cattaraugus County, she is affectionately called ‘Lilly of the Valley.’

Bruce (Submitted by Ann Linderman)

‘Bruce’ submitted by Ann Linderman

Bruce is a Lhasa Poo. He loves hiding his bones and then forgets where he hid them. He is 6 months old and loves the pool. His favorite thing to do...give kisses!!!

Mattie (Submitted by Allie Urbanski)

‘Mattie’ submitted by Allie Urbanski

Mattie, a 2-year-old Poovanese, is the friendliest, most affectionate dog anyone has ever encountered. Neither man nor canine can resist this Little Ball of Fluff. She is a rescue dog who was abandoned by her previous family. How anyone gave up this little dog is still is mystery to her new family! Mattie enjoys running outside in the backyard and chasing after bunnies (she never would ever catch one though...we think she's just trying to make new friends!) But more than anything, Mattie loves being held and cuddled by everyone she meets!!

Milo (Submitted by Peggy Webb)

‘Milo’ submitted by Peggy Webb

Milo is 10 months old and is an Elkhound. He is a rescue.

Abby (Submitted by Kristina Ettinger)

'Abby' submitted by Kristina Ettinger

Abby is our 4-year-old Australian Shepherd. She is named after Abby Scuito on NCIS — our favorite show. In this photo we were camping at Fair Haven Beach State Park. Her favorite things are getting attention from us and whining to get attention from us (just kidding). But she is our baby, and she is so beautiful.

Gizmo (Submitted by Chris Wagner)

'Gizmo’ submitted by Chris Wagner

Gizmo has the most energy of any dog known to man. He loves swimming and going for rides in the car. We can't keep him out of the water when we are swimming or boating (probably because he is soooo attached).

Lil Miss Stevie Nicks (Submitted by Renea LaDuca)

‘Lil Miss Stevie Nicks’ submitted by Renea LaDuca

This is my little Working Bearded Collie. She just turned 13 weeks old. Very sweet, very naughty and a wonderful addition to our family.

Bella (Submitted by Jocelyn Balone)

‘Bella’ submitted by Jocelyn Balone

Here is my little Bella getting into her cousin’s Christmas presents. Bella is an 8-year-old Shih Tzu and greets you by licking your toes!

Echo (Submitted by Peggy Webb)

‘Echo’ submitted by Peggy Webb

Echo is a Shepherd/Lab mix who is 2 years old. He's a rescued pup who know how to beat the heat and is now enjoying the good life.

Billy (Submitted by Jenny Enser)

‘Billy’ submitted by Jenny Enser

Billy loves going to Canine and Company for daycare and grooming!!! He's so pretty, and he has an attitude yet loves all of his friends there!!

Einstein (Submitted by Matthew Musial)

‘Einstein’ Submitted by Matthew Musial

Einstein is a dog genius. He's a 2-year-old Maltipoo who enjoys physics and theories of relativity. He can even balance on his hind legs for a relatively long time. He's a lover of all man- and dogkind. Stein knows that smiles are contagious, so you'll never see him without one. Einstein plans to attend Harvard Medical School in the fall and hopes to find the cure to cancer.

Seamus (Submitted by Michele Haney)

‘Seamus’ Submitted by Michele Haney

Seamus is a 2-year-old male Havanese. The Havanese breed is the national dog of Cuba, so he is the picture of Joy FM's Dog Days Of Summer contest! As you can see in the picture, he loves to sunbathe on the deck in the summer. His favorite toy is his stuffed monkey. He carries him all around the house.

Scout (Submitted by Jocelyn Balone)

‘Scout’ submitted by Jocelyn Balone

Scout is 10 years old, and he was rescued from a puppy mill, so we think he is a Maltese mix. Scout loves to bark at birds, cars, the vacuum cleaner, etc. Scout also loves treats!

Pancakes (Submitted by Gretchen Olson)

‘Pancakes’ submitted by Gretchen Olson

Pancakes is a handsome Shetland Sheepdog who turned 6 years old on July 22. He loves to dance on his back legs for treats and laughs. His favorite places to walk in the summer are Buffalo’s Olmsted Parks. Occasionally, he'll howl for his favorite songs on 96.1 Joy FM.

Xhayla (Submitted by Lorie Hildreth)

‘Xhayla’ Submitted by Lorie Hildreth

She is a sassy little Chihuahua. She will "pretend" that I am running after her, and then when she gets to the gate, she "fakes" me catching her until I scoop her up and cuddle her. Here she is pictured snoozing with Mommy! She needs to be clothed in AC, but she growls and complains every time. She also sasses when I talk to her when she is grumpy. This 4-pound little cutie has been a blessing to me!

Obe (Submitted by Erin Czarnecki)

‘Obe’ Submitted by Erin Czarnecki

My dog Obe is a French Bulldog. He just turned 1 year old on May 15. He has such a personality! He loves people and, even more, loves playing with kids. He is always so full of energy, but at times he is the biggest couch potato. He acts like the biggest clown -- he is always doing something funny to put a smile on everyone’s face. He is the biggest sweetheart and cuddle bug. He loves being outside and taking walks and visiting with his other doggy friends. He loves doggy cupcakes! He even tolerates when I like to dress him up silly just for a good laugh. He listens very well and knows lots of tricks; his favorite trick is when we ask him to dance, and it’s even cuter when we put his little sombrero on. Obe is my very first dog, and I could not have been luckier to get him. I truly now understand the feeling when they say a dog is a man’s best friend, because he truly is.

Diesel (Submitted by Ryan Hall)

‘Diesel’ Submitted by Ryan Hall

He's a red male Doberman Pinscher. His favorite toy is a Kong with treats in it. He loves to mess up my bed when I'm gone!

Apollo (Submitted by Kelly Parkhill)

‘Apollo’ Submitted by Kelly Parkhill

Apollo is a 3-year-old Pug. He was rescued from the side of the road, as he was thrown from a moving car. Aside from the injuries he sustained in that incident, it was very obvious he had been abused by his previous owners. He was very nervous and scared. It took a lot of love and reassurance for him to trust us. All that remains from his bad beginning is a small limp, and he has been thriving in our home. After cuddling, being outside and in the water is his favorite activity!