We've been "awwwww!"ing over your puppy pics since they started flooding our inbox a couple weeks ago...and now, it's time to start the voting (and give you all a chance to "awwwww!" too).

Dog Days Of Summer voting will work much like WNY's Cutest Baby voting: From now until Friday, August 9 at noon, Joy FM VIPs may vote once per day for their favorite pooch. (If you're not a Joy FM VIP yet, sign up now!)

All eligible dogs have been broken up into groups of 10, so scroll through the photos below to find your favorite, then click the blue button below his or her photo to go to that group and vote.

To clarify, that's one vote per day per group, so if you see a dog in Group 5 you want to vote for, as well as a dog in Group 25, you'll be able to vote for each once per day. And if you run into any issues with voting, please feel free to contact our webmaster, who will assist you as soon as possible.

After voting ends, we'll tally up the votes, and the top 50 overall vote-getters will move on to the next round to continue competing for that $500 cash prize, $100 to any Niagara Frontier Veterinary Society hospital and the doggie spa package from Canine and Company!

And now, without further ado...your furry contestants:


  • Sophie (Submitted by Lynn Schiltz)
  • Matilda (Submitted by Teri Holmes)
  • McGregor (Submitted by Maureen Biro)
  • Herbie (Submitted by Laren Clarke)
  • Lucy (Submitted by Margie Walker)
  • Tyson (Submitted by Amy Rokitka)
  • Shadow & Smalls (Submitted by Debra Ellis)
  • Fritz & Finnegan (Submitted by Connie Vanderables)
  • Jules (Submitted by Barb Weibel)
  • Hans (Submitted Brittany Wasierski)


  • Apollo (Submitted by Kelly Parkill)
  • Penny (Submitted by Teri Holmes)
  • Cody (Submitted by Nicole Hutton)
  • Enzo (Submitted by Lynsey Haggard)
  • Lindy (Submitted by Lisa Tucker)
  • Taco (Submitted by Sara Pacer)
  • Chug (Submitted by Carol Brunner)
  • Lexi (Submitted by Heather Modica)
  • Maxxie (Submitted by Pam Coniglio)
  • Ferrari (Submitted by Joanie Kumiega)


  • Repo (Submitted by Krista Vitaris)
  • Bella (Submitted by Annmarie Paladino)
  • Obe (Submitted by Erin Czarnecki)
  • Hunter (Submitted Paul Crego)
  • Lizzie (Submitted by Melida O'Shea)
  • Chloe & Charlie (Submitted by Laurie Smietana)
  • Binx (Submitted by Donise Leonard)
  • Bella (Submitted by Cathie Hassler)
  • Tripp (Submitted by Karen Healy)
  • Jaclyn (Submitted by Dennie Gavazzo)


  • Cooper (Submitted by Colleen Riches)
  • Paisley (Submitted by Courtney Frisch)
  • Ruby (Submitted by Bridget Grady)
  • Jimmy (Submitted by Tracy Schulz)
  • Max (Submitted by Amber Yockey)
  • Nero (Submitted by Carla Hart)
  • Glitter (Submitted by Jennifer Pierce)
  • Rocky (Submitted by Christy Ehrmann)
  • Bentley (Submitted by Alexa Clementi)
  • Bella (Submitted by Krystle Hanson)


  • Rupert (Submitted by Karen Nimmo)
  • Bailey (Submitted by Carol Smith)
  • Max (Submitted by Victoria Prince)
  • Chloe (Submitted by Marcia Sypniewski)
  • Blue (Submitted by Charlie Brant)
  • Roscoe Francis (Submitted by Sarah Steffan)
  • Bailey (Submitted by Debra Roselle)
  • Penny (Submitted by Linda Januchowski)
  • Fred & Fiona (Submitted by Victori Stobnicki)
  • Meeko (Submitted by Katie Fisher)


  • Ren (Submitted by Jaclyn McKewan)
  • Emma (Submitted by Heather Fraccica)
  • Nala (Submitted by Darren McCormick)
  • Diesel (Submitted by Ryan Hall)
  • Roxy (Submitted by Marietta Hojczyk)
  • Sasha, Sadie & Leila (Submitted by Sandra Salley)
  • Leon (Submitted by Shana Bebee)
  • Clover, Piper & Daisy (Submitted by Cheryl Benzino)
  • George (Submitted by Sheri Hawley)
  • Sadie (Submitted by Donna Lee)


  • Claire (Submitted by Carolanne McCormick)
  • Scooby Dee (Submitted by Tina Morshed)
  • Chestnut (Submitted by Marcia Donner)
  • Bella Domenica (Submitted by Jen Hayes)
  • Seamus (Submitted by Michelle Haney)
  • Xhayla (Submitted by Lorie Hildreth)
  • Daisy Mae (Submitted by Robin Smith)
  • KC (Submitted by Melissa Estell)
  • Benjamin Yahoo (Submitted by Betsy Coleman)
  • Scooter (Submitted by Melissa Glenn)


  • Murphy (Submitted by Aimee Lepsch)
  • Patches (Submitted by Kathy DeJohn)
  • Ozzy (Submitted by Jason Estell)
  • Jasmine (Submitted by Jenn Goehle)
  • Einstein (Submitted by Matthew Musial)
  • Lola Banana (Submitted by Elisa Cadille)
  • Romeo (Submitted by Lisa Leuchner)
  • Jackson (Submitted by Jennifer Valint)
  • Lady (Submitted by Sue Callea)
  • Marlo (Submitted By Sarah Dawe)


  • Woobie (Submitted by Vicki Leistner)
  • Velvet (Submitted by Susan Pennington-Burns)
  • Kentucky Jack (Submitted by Lisa McCarthy)
  • Aldous (Submitted by Heather McCall)
  • Harry (Submitted by Dawn Pohlman)
  • Sadie (Submitted by Beth Martin)
  • Penelope (Submitted by Alexandra Miceli)
  • Bella (Submitted by Rachael Krause)
  • Misty (Submitted by Jeanne Green)
  • Oliver Moose (Submitted by Nikki Meller)


  • Coco (Submitted by Mark Pohlman)
  • Sadie (Submitted by Sarah Pitzrick)
  • Benny (Submitted by Joanne Lopez)
  • Abby (Submitted by Ryan Gerevics)
  • Henry (Submitted by Lisa Arndt)
  • Pancakes (Submitted by Gretchen Olson)
  • Scooter (Submitted by Raymond Bernisky)
  • Grizzly (Submitted by Dan Cirivello)
  • Waffles (Submitted by Kenneth Pomichter)
  • Mocha (Submitted by Erica Schott)


  • Miley (Submitted by Jennifer Sazyniak)
  • Harley (Submitted by Dina Braun)
  • Tori (Submitted by Jennifer Domroes)
  • RJ (Submitted by Johanne Bartiz)
  • Duke (Submitted by Megan Kelly)
  • Dexter (Submitted by Frank Neuland)
  • Franklin Delanore (Submitted by Jessica Smith)
  • Simba (Submitted by Richard Mietus)
  • Betis (Submitted by Vicki Leistner)
  • Remi (Submitted by Jenna Bissonette)


  • Winston (Submitted by Christine Eckstrom)
  • Tucker (Submitted by Bryelle Cortright)
  • Rose (Submitted by Lynne Solina)
  • Jersey (Submitted by Melissa Tatarka)
  • Achilles (Submitted by Maria Monaco)
  • Sparky (Submitted by Kate Perillo)
  • Ginger (Submitted by Brittany Kelley)
  • Bella (Submitted by Sarah-Elizabeth Viman)
  • Molly (Submitted by Dana Papaj)
  • Scout (Submitted by Jocelyn Balone)


  • Marley (Submitted by Sarah-Elizabeth Viman)
  • Sadie (Submitted by Tom Renowden)
  • Cassie (Submitted by Tammy Haseley)
  • Bella (Submitted by Jocelyn Balone)
  • Luca (Submitted by Jennifer Deponceau)
  • Callie (Submitted by Tracy Capparra)
  • Luigi & Matilda (Submitted by Brittany Papaj)
  • Cassie & Margaret (Submitted by Kristin Reed)
  • Tucker (Submitted by Ken Giangreco)
  • Alex (Submitted by Samantha Findlay)


  • Pearl (Submitted by Amy Balon)
  • Jersey (Submitted by Jessica Fike)
  • Jasper (Submitted by Nicole Briggs)
  • Gotti (Submitted by Dawn Khouri)
  • Chester (Submitted by Kelly Martel)
  • Monte (Submitted by Kristen Sokolski)
  • Echo (Submitted by Peggy Webb)
  • Romeo (Submitted by Nadia Monessar)
  • Opie (Submitted by Lindsay Paul)
  • Gloria (Submitted by Kristen Wilson)


  • Zuri (Submitted by Craig Syracuse)
  • Jack (Submitted by Mariah Kessler)
  • Levi (Submitted by Jeff Illenz)
  • Lilly Mae (Submitted by Ashley Webb)
  • Bart (Submitted by Courtney Rost)
  • Tucker (Submitted by Tonja Hinman)
  • Sid (Submitted by Tanya Fura)
  • Oliver (Submitted by Sharon Ketch)
  • Sebastian (Submitted by Brittany Miller)
  • Luna (Submitted by Michael Klinger)


  • Jethro (Submitted by Rhiannon Jarosz)
  • Maggie (Submitted by Marcia Carr)
  • Deogie (Submitted by Dominick Gullo)
  • Slider (Submitted by Kathryn Marks)
  • Billy (Submitted by Jenny Enser)
  • Sammy (Submitted by Tanya Brady)
  • Fidel (Submitted by Melissa Lennox)
  • Luna Lovegood (Submitted by Julie Ann Sabshin)
  • Brick (Submitted by Laura Grieser)
  • KC (Submitted by Kayla Pistorio)


  • Colonel Mudflap (Submitted by Autumn Lori)
  • Jamison (Submitted by Ginny Isenhart)
  • Scruffy (Submitted by Dawn Wilson)
  • Roxy (Submitted by Maryann Shapiro)
  • Phoenix (Submitted by Charlie Markel)
  • Ace (Submitted by Sue Ann Golimwoski)
  • Cooper (Submitted by Kate Wannemacher)
  • Riddick (Submitted by Christopher McNutt)
  • Mia (Submitted by Cristina Rivera)
  • Buddy (Submitted by Mark Cottone)


  • Marley (Submitted by Cathy Barton)
  • Savanna & Abby (Submitted by Debbie Ziuko)
  • Nano (Submitted by Kristine Salasavage)
  • Mindy & Megan (Submitted by Rose Weilgosz)
  • Boomer (Submitted by Tonja Royce)
  • Dexter (Submitted by Ashley Witt)
  • Toby (Submitted by Karla Mancuso)
  • Milo (Submitted by Peggy Webb)
  • Sophie (Submitted by Susan Dembitsky)
  • Izzie (Submitted by Anna Marie Petroziello)


  • Buddha (Submitted by Theresa Sellitto)
  • Mack (Submitted by Jennifer Lonski)
  • Dakota (Submitted by Elizabeth Mulvaney)
  • Cosmo (Submitted by Laura Rayer)
  • Rufus McGuire Forster (Submitted by Kristen Forster)
  • Reuben (Submitted by David Haas)
  • Murphy Burger (Submitted Vanessa Padilla)
  • Brody (Submitted by Lisa Morrissey)
  • Brandi (Submitted by Susan Lynch)
  • Layla (Submitted by Deanna Masich)


  • Rocky (Submitted by Janice Ferlisi)
  • Boomer (Submitted by Cheryl Hammer)
  • Dio (Submitted by Denise Kuzmierczak)
  • Earl (Submitted by Jenny Dauer)
  • Lola (Submitted by Jean McGee)
  • Bella (Submitted by Bryan Collins)
  • Abby (Submitted by Kristina Ettinger)
  • Ivy (Submitted by Heather Creighton)
  • Angel (Submitted by Lura Polakiewicz)
  • Honey (Submitted by Angela Caico)


  • Shadow (Submitted by Patrick Broadwater)
  • Mickey (Submitted by Scott Rosenheck)
  • Scout (Submitted by Kelly Davis)
  • Bentley (Submitted by Wendy Mariani)
  • Mattie (Submitted by Allie Urbanski)
  • Bina (Submitted by Jordan Beatty)
  • Bruce (Submitted by Ann Liederman)
  • Topanga (Submitted by Susan Gallivan)
  • Jaker's (Submitted by Jane Chaddock)
  • Nikko (Submitted by Janice Wegrzynowski)


  • Indy (Submitted by Paula Tooke)
  • Moofasa (Submitted by Vickie Szala)
  • Owen (Submitted by Marlo Kerr)
  • Willow Moon (Submitted by Sher Benz)
  • Abby (Submitted  by Christina Kubisty)
  • Mikito (Submitted by Debbie Driscoll)
  • Gizmo (Submitted by Chris Wagner)
  • Bailey (Submitted by Cathy Salzman)
  • Bella (Submitted by Sherry Hunter)
  • Haley (Submitted by Danielle Ruckdaschel)


  • Max (Submitted by Christina Kubisty)
  • Simba (Submitted by Vickie Szala)
  • Edith (Submitted by Sarah Soper)
  • Big Shaq (Submitted by Kelley Bator)
  • Nova (Submitted by Kelly Mittelstadt)
  • Teddy Ruxbin Roosevelt (Submitted by Julie Fanutti)
  • Molly (Submitted by Charlie Tempest)
  • Mr. B (Submitted by Ron Miller)
  • Diego (Submitted by Katlin Fournier)
  • Charlie (Submitted by Autumn Urbaniak)


  • Jackson (Submitted by Raymond Taylor)
  • Duramax & Boozer (Submitted by Karen Gaylord)
  • Ben (Submitted by Darlene Buckley)
  • Ella May (Submitted by Joan Lorenzo)
  • Ziggy (Submitted by Melanie Neureuther)
  • Brooklyn (Submitted by Michelle Myles)
  • Lilly (Submitted by Bill Weisbeck)
  • Cain (Submitted by Jen Goss)
  • Kody (Submitted by Dawn Mongold)
  • Pocket (Submitted by Cherie Skabry)


  • Suka (Submitted by Wendy Whiting)
  • Zoey (Submitted by Melanie Neureuther)
  • Scooter (Submitted by Mary Duck)
  • Reba (Submitted by Lori Jordan)
  • Deuce (Submitted by Stephanie Bax)
  • Sadie (Submitted by Jim Voelker)
  • Sully (Submitted by Mary Rozler)
  • Roxy & Addison (Submitted by Keith Wollen)
  • DJ (Submitted by Diana Harrison)
  • Flash (Submitted by Brian Germann)


  • Memphis Blue (Submitted by Linda Roulley)
  • Starla Jean (Submitted by Abby Ratner)
  • Rosy (Submitted by Michelle McGhee)
  • Harley & Riley (Submitted by Susan Waszak)
  • Mike (Submitted by Carol Preisler)
  • Bishop (Submitted by Eric Dommer)
  • Suzi (Submitted by Kristina Walters)
  • Bella (Submitted by Anna Haumesser)
  • Bennet (Submitted by Lauren Stockwell)
  • Stevin (Submitted by Ashlee Ramsey)


  • Bentley (Submitted by Michael Downey)
  • Kingston (Submitted by Eric Dommer)
  • Brandi May (Submitted by Amy Lerch)
  • Snoopy (Submitted by Christina Knight)
  • CoCo (Submitted by Diana Harrison)
  • Obie (Submitted by Ali Lyon)
  • Caesar (Submitted by Amy Roberts)
  • Ebony (Submitted by Kim Hailey)
  • Mila and Layla (Submitted by Michael Caruso)
  • Thunder (Submitted by Brandy Wynn)


  • Lucky & Corky (Submitted by Rachel Mathien)
  • Lily (Submitted by Erica Shaw)
  • Shiva (Submitted by Arlene Jarmusz)
  • Prince & Bozo (Submitted by Tracy MacDonald)
  • Arthur (Submitted by Kristine Starkey)
  • Star (Submitted by Janet Stroh)
  • Myles (Submitted by Briana Ziembiec)
  • Shadow (Submitted by Jackie Emilson)
  • Ariel (Submitted by Lisa Hurliman)
  • Nemo (Submitted by Tim LaDuca)


  • Taffy (Submitted by Amy Roberts)
  • Delta (Submitted by Kathleen Measer)
  • Lucky (Submitted by Cailyn Contreras)
  • Gracie (Submitted by Heather Stoneman)
  • Selene (Submitted by Matthew Schnittker)
  • Titan (Submitted by James Liles)
  • Licker (Submitted by Marilynn Metz)
  • Henry (Submitted by Matthew Wukovits)
  • Jack & Jordan (Submitted by Katie Welsted)
  • Beatrice ("Bea") (Submitted by Steve Walter)


  • Grehlin (Submitted by Megan Gale)
  • Sasha (Submitted by Chelsea Hall)
  • Angel (Submitted by Tracy MacDonald)
  • Miss Scarlett (Submitted by Katie O'Rourke)
  • Lil Miss Stevie Nicks (Submitted by Renea LaDuca)
  • Daphne (Submitted by Kathleen Measer)
  • Hubert (Submitted by Carly Neal)
  • RiverDog Matey (Submitted by Linda Pauly)