About years back or so, when One Seneca Tower was a bustling busy office building.  I remember my walking downtown with my friend Eddie en route to a Sabres game (may have been back in the Drury-Briere days THAT long ago) and I just randomly thought, "wouldn't it be cool to own that?" Basically like when you're a kid and you play those "what if" games.   For example: "What if...you had a billion dollars?"  Anyway the point being my friend Eddie remarked "Dude, I'd make it into Wayne Manor...make it the Bat Tower!"  I just remember laughing it off...but what a sweet idea.

Fast forward to today.  The 38-story office building is for sale, and The Buffalo News is reporting Phillip Ruthen of New York City (not Bruce Wayne of Gotham) leads a list of investors that are interested.

From the Buffalo News:

"He has offered to buy the 38-story downtown office building and attached parking ramp for about $50 million."

50 million doesn't seem like a bad deal.  Wonder if it includes the Bat Cave?

See the full (and more serious) story here.