Please allow us to introduce, out of 300 Western New York pups, the Final 50 contestants in Joy FM's Dog Days Of Summer contest!

These top dogs (get it?) have been broken up into groups of 10, so find your favorite among the photos below, then click the blue button underneath his or her photo to go to that group and vote. From now until Friday, August 16 at noon, Joy FM VIPs may vote once per day for their dog of choice. (If you’re not a Joy FM VIP yet, sign up now!)

To clarify, that’s one vote per day per group, so if you see a dog in Group 1 you want to vote for, as well as a dog in Group 5, you’ll be able to vote for each once per day. And if you run into any issues with voting, please feel free to contact our webmaster, who will assist you as soon as possible.

After voting ends, we’ll tally up the votes, and the 20 dogs with the highest overall vote totals will compete in the final round for that $500 cash prize, $100 to any Niagara Frontier Veterinary Society hospital and the doggie spa package from Canine and Company!


  • McGregor (Submitted by Maureen Biro)
  • Apollo (Submitted by Kelly Parkhill)
  • Enzo (Submitted by Lynsey Haggard)
  • Ferrari (Submitted by Joanie Kumiega)
  • Obe (Submitted by Erin Czarnecki)
  • Paisley (Submitted by Courtney Frisch)
  • Max (Submitted by Amber Yockey)
  • Fred & Fiona (Submitted by Victori Stobnicki)
  • Diesel (Submitted by Ryan Hall)
  • Xhayla (Submitted by Lorie Hildreth)


  • Seamus (Submitted by Michele Haney)
  • Daisy Mae (Submitted by Robin Smith)
  • Einstein (Submitted by Matthew Musial)
  • Murphy (Submitted by Aimee Lepsch)
  • Bella (Submitted by Rachel Krause)
  • Oliver Moose (Submitted by Nikki Meller)
  • Woobie (Submitted by Vicki Leistner)
  • Pancakes (Submitted by Gretchen Olson)
  • Henry (Submitted by Lisa Arndt)
  • Scout (Submitted by Jocelyn Balone)


  • Remi (Submitted by Jena Bissonette)
  • Winston (Submitted by Christine Eckstrom)
  • Rosa (Submitted by Lynne Solina)
  • Cassie (Submitted by Tammy Haseley)
  • Bella (Submitted by Jocelyn Balone)
  • Echo (Submitted by Peggy Webb)
  • Billy (Submitted by Jenny Enser)
  • Cooper (Submitted by Kate Wannemacher)
  • Lil Miss Stevie Nicks (Submitted by Renea LaDuca)
  • Harley (Submitted by Dina Braun)


  • Riddick (Submitted by Christopher McNutt)
  • Milo (Submitted by Peggy Webb)
  • Rufus McGuire Forster (Submitted by Kristen Forster)
  • Abby (Submitted by Kristina Ettinger)
  • Bruce (Submitted by Ann Linderman)
  • Mattie (Submitted by Allie Urbanski)
  • Gizmo (Submitted by Chris Wagner)
  • Big Shaq (Submitted by Kelley Bator)
  • Kody (Submitted by Dawn Mongold)
  • Delta (Submitted by Kathleen Measer)


  • Flash (Submitted by Brian Germann)
  • Scooter (Submitted by Mary Duck)
  • Mila & Layla (Submitted by Michael Caruso)
  • Nemo (Submitted by Tim LaDuca)
  • Lucky & Corky (Submitted by Rachel Mathien)
  • Star (Submitted by Janet Stroh)
  • Henry (Submitted by Matthew Wukovitz)
  • Daphne (Submitted by Kathleen Measer)
  • Lilly Mae (Submitted by Ashley Webb)
  • Lilly (Submitted by Bill Weisbeck)