We talked about this early this morning, so if you missed it here is the recap!

I was in Atlanta this weekend for a radio conference with literally hundreds of other DJs from around the country.  Naturally as we introduced ourselves, we also said where we were from, IE:

Hi, I'm Laura Daniels, Mix 96 in Buffalo.

Almost every time, I got the same look – the look you'd imagine seeing if I said:

Hi, I'm Laura Daniels, Mix 96, and I have a rare, incurable, fatal disease and have a week to live.

I felt COMPELLED to defend Buffalo like I was some kind of official Western New York ambassador! The nightlife! The festivals! The food! The people! The waterfront! The sports! (You get the idea...)

On the plane back, I started thinking Buffalo is now kind of New York's best kept secret...not everyone knows the strides we've made, and as it keeps getting better and better, we want to share it's AWESOMENESS with everyone!

Or DO we?

I love Buffalo and WNY so much, I started comparing it to a favorite restaurant.

Think of it:  you find a GREAT place, it's affordable, the staff is awesome, the food is delicious, and you can always get a seat without a wait. I want to tell a few people about it so they can enjoy it too, but I don't want to tell EVERYONE because then I'm up against possibly facing a two-hour wait soon enough.

Thinkstock / Apatsara

One of our listeners, Blanche from Clarence, called and said she thought of WNY as her own "secret clubhouse".  We're all in it together, and we're so close-knit, we like it that way!

SO....if Buffalo were a clubhouse, what would our secret password be?

A few suggestions that came in to get you started:

  • 716Buffalove
  • Ain't Nothin But a Chicken Wing
  • Salubrious (thank you, Ginnie from Buffalo for that one...only a true WNYer would know what that's about!!!)