Our office "Secret Santa" names were picked when I was on vacation.  So by the time I got back to town, there were only 2 names left in the basket.

I drew the WORST possible name.  At the risk of him/her reading this post, I won't say exactly WHO it was....but lets say it's someone who wears some pretty big shoes in this company.  And who probably has EVERYTHING.

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Now, Secret Santa isn't for major gifts...we have a $20 maximum.  But I have ZERO idea what to get for this person.

Any of YOUR suggestions are VERY welcomed!!!

That being said, a new survey says 22% of us will be buying a gift for a coworker this year.  A few of the worst gifts you could give a coworker will not be on my short list:

  • a jar of gravy (???)
  • a stuffed duck (not a stuffed animal, an ACTUAL stuffed duck)
  • Post-It Notes (that probably came from the supply closet anyway)

So, help a sister out, would ya???