The Joy Morning Rush crew loves dogs!  I mean, who doesn't??  Well, I guess there are those cat lovers, and those who are afraid of dogs, but c'mon....dogs are sooo cute and so much fun to have around.

I, myself, have two pugs: Bear and Tater.  Bear goes by the nickname "Fatts" (he's seven years old), and Tater has many nicknames (too many to list) and is three years old.  Down the road, I will post pictures of the two lil' guys, so you can get to know more about me and my family, I promise.

The reason I bring up my pugs is because I was surfing YouTube and found a cute pug video that I totally relate to....and you probably do too (if you own a dog).  This video shows a little pug being scolded by his owner.  Not in a mean way though.  The reaction the pug gives his owner is priceless.  My pug Fatts...he reacts the same way when I tell him, "My food is not for you!  You ate already."