Here we are, just one month away from a new year and starting in January of 2015, you're going to notice some changes with your Facebook account. They are updating their terms, conditions, and policies starting on the first of January, 2015. Here’s what you can anticipate:

You'll Easily Discover What’s Going On Around You:

This feature is similar to “Nearby Friends”. They will start showing you more information about where you are and what your friends are doing. So if you choose to share where you are on Facebook, you may see menus from nearby restaurants or updates posted from friends in that area.

You'll Have More Control Over Your Information:

Have you ever been frustrated with unfriending, untagging, and blocking a user? Now, that's going to be easier along with choosing the audience you want for each of your posts on Facebook. And this will be done in 36 languages!

You'll Be Able To Find Privacy Information Faster:

So if you're curious about the status of your ex, you'll now be able to get that information a little easier. It seems like keeping things private may now become a little more difficult as well. Facebook says:

"Our data policy is shorter and clearer, making it easier to read.”

You'll Have More Control Over The Ads:

Hallelujah! Facebook users will have more control over ALL the advertising they see from brands that seem to stalk you, and from the paid ads on Facebook. And when you click, "I do not want to see this" it will apply to all of your devices. Facebook says:

"We know that many people use more than one phone, tablet or browser to access Facebook, so it should be easy for you to make a single choice that applies across all of your devices.”

You'll Know More About What Facebook Information Is Gathered About YOU:

Facebook has been criticized by the media over the last year for basically, invading your privacy.

This new feature will help you “understand” how Facebook uses the info they receive from you and as mentioned, limit it. The policy update from Facebook reads:

"For example, understanding battery and signal strength helps make sure our apps work well on your device. We ask for permission to use your phone’s location when we offer optional features like check-ins or adding your location to posts.”

Here is the full Policy update from Facebook.

So get ready Facebook users for these new changes to take place starting in just a few days. Will they be helpful or will they be a distraction? Please comment, thanks.