If you're old-school like me, you might still find yourself calling it "Rich Stadium".

Naturally, many of us are still stuck in "The Ralph".

It's only been a few months since the Bills home stadium has been "New Era Field", leading to many of us Western New Yorkers to try to come up with nicknames, like "The Lid" or "The Cap".

Well, I want to start my own movement, and I need your help.

I learned today that the little button on the top of the baseball cap is called a "squatchee".  And I want to officially nickname that stadium "The Squatchee". It sounds cute, it's unique, and, well, frankly, I just wanna leave SOME kind of legacy.  Maybe this is my chance!

How can you help?  Share this post on Twitter and Facebook with #MakeSquatcheeHappen (and be sure to tag @mix96buffalo too!).  Help me leave my mark on this world.

Or at least, on the stadium. ;)