Clarence Middle, nice job!! It's not new news in Buffalo that we have a massive opioid epidemic.

The student leaders at Clarence Middle School were the winners of Kids Escaping Drugs' Face2Face PSA contest! The contest was to engage students in the Western New York community to create videos in order to educate the community on addiction and the opioid epidemic.

Our friends at Channel 2 went to go talk to some of the students and teachers out at Clarence Middle School.

George Gallagher is the health teacher at Clarence Middle and he wanted the kids to use the stories of their own friends and neighbors to show how the drug problem is affecting those closest to them. He also wanted to offer hope to those going through it — right now.

“Our intent was to show the students here, that go through this every day, that they are not alone. And the video is the tip of the iceberg unfortunately. The problem is even bigger."