I just paid $1.89 per gallon at newly opened J R's Seneca Hawk gas station and driving range in Irving, New York. There are a few locations just south of Hamburg and Derby, New York where you'll still find gas still under $2 a gallon.

Mark Richards/TSM

If you find yourself at this newly open station, I hope you have your clubs in the trunk. I'm looking forward to driving a bucket of balls after my next fill up.

Here are the other stops nearby where gas is still under two bucks in Western New York.

At Seneca One Stop, $1.99
11150 Southwestern Blvd
Irving, NY

At Native Pride Too, $1.99
11403 Erie Rd
Irving, NY

At Native Pride, $1.00
11359 Southwestern Blvd
Irving, NY

At Catt-Rez Enterprises Inc. it's $1.92
10910 Erie Rd
Irving, NY

At Tade Nino Neh Gas & Cigarettes it's $1.93
11326 Southwestern Blvd
Irving, NY