G-Eazy recently sat down with Larry King for an interview on Larry King Now. During the episode, King asked the Bay Area rapper about who is currently the best rapper in hip hop.

"Drake," G-Eazy said.

The "Drifting" rapper was also asked about who is the most underrated, but he couldn't come up with an answer. He did have one for the young artist who is impressing him most.

"Vince Staples probably had my favorite album of the last year," G-Eazy told King.

The interview also touched on G-Eazy's journey as artist. The Bay Area rhymer said it took a long time, but it's only made him appreciate it more.

"It’s definitely been a long, long... long, long, long, long, long journey since I was selling burnt CD’s out of my backpack in downtown Oakland," G-Eazy said. "Um, but you appreciate it more, you know? Sometimes the longer it takes, you hope it lasts longer. I mean, it’s been a process. It’s been a long time."

G-Eazy and King discussed the rapper's latest album When It's Dark Out, which G-Eazy feels shocked many in the industry.

"I think the last one surprised a lot of people," G-Eazy said. "Besides me and my team nobody really saw that coming. No one was expecting us to do all that, but we’ve always kinda been counted out, you know? Always been outsiders, always been a little different, but I've always just believed in it. This is all I’ve ever loved, all I’ve ever known, and when you don’t have a plan B you gotta make it work sooner or later."

You can watch Larry King's entire interview with G-Eazy on Ora TV.

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