So, it's Friday afternoon.  You hope to sneak out of work early, to beat the rush on the way home. But, then a friend texts ya, "...drinks"?  You ignore the text, but then a half hour later you get "?"  You text back,"Okay."

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It starts with one drink and then the 'okay, just one more'. The sun begins to set, and your friends (now more folks) are having a bit of a night out. Then, it's happy hour, and you are thinking to yourself - what the hey?

I give you five Buffalo bars where this frequently happens.  What starts out as one drink with friends, after work, turns into a night-time party.

So, what's missing from the list?


  • 1

    The Shores

    Right on the water on a sunny Friday afternoon, you can expect to stop by for some live music at 8:00 PM, end up dancing, drinking and doing a lot of gabbing well into the night.

    Credit: The Shores Waterfront Restaurant, Facebook
  • 2

    The Tudor Lounge

    One of Val's favorite hang-outs, need we say more?

    CreditL The Tudor Lounge, Facebook
  • 3

    Founding Fathers Pub

    Trivia nights, beer and friends-you'll be there all day!

    Credit: Founding Fathers Pub, Facebook
  • 4

    The Wellington Pub

    On Hertal, this cozy pub will keep you satisfied well into the night.

    Credit: The Wellington Pub, Facebook
  • 5

    Eddie Brady's

    Not just for St. Patty's, this is a fun Irish bar with wood and brick walls, and that lovely pressed-tin ceiling.

    Credit: Eddie Brady's, Facebook