In response to public interest in how the FBI has changed since 9/11, and as the 10 year anniversary of the attacks near, the FBI has created a new website. 10 Years After: The FBI Since 9/11 debuted today.

Here is how the FBI describes the new site:

Now it will be easier than ever to find information on everything from Top Ten fugitives and the latest crime statistics to breaking news and articles about some of our most interesting cases—all presented in a crisp, easy-to-navigate new format.
The redesign—based in large part on visitor feedback—is the most sweeping in the history of the site, which was first launched in June 1995. In recent years, has consistently been one of the highest rated government websites.

Some of the more interesting features of the new site include, the history of the Federal Bureau of Investigation










And a Kids Section

I personally have been active with the local office of the FBI for many years, am a graduate ofThe FBI Citizens Academy, and have received awards from the agency.

Here is how to contact local FBI offices around the country including right here in Buffalo

(From the FBI)