I don't know how your friend list is reacting to the latest facebook changes. But some on mine are " freaking Out" over them. Yesterday facebook users woke up to a host of changes in their social media experience!

It began with the top of the page now opening with " top Stories", followed by "recent stories" . I'm still trying to figure out the rest of the changes. I know I'm getting less email from facebook now. I hear you can turn that back on, but I haven't figured it out yet!

And now standby. Today is the second annual facebook " f8" conference where more changes are expected to be announced. Want to spend time with the ultimate nerds at the conference? Click here!

 Don't get me wrong, I like facebook. It's a way to connect that we never had before. But there's no reason to get upset! What do you think? Do you love or hate the changes?