Did you decide you'd had enough of being alone after this past Valentine's Day? Are you working the dating sites, "friends of friends" circuit, or just diving in to Happy Hour at your favorite bar? No matter which route you're taking, you'll probably get to the dreaded first date, and the related moral question: should you ever lie on a first date?

Glamour magazine threw the question to its readers, asking them what kind of first-date fibs they'd told. One woman 'fessed up to telling a first date that she was a ballerina, when in reality she was an art teacher [not that there's any shame in that profession. This one worked out, though; after she told the truth, he still asked her out, and they've been married two years].

Another reader said she'd claimed to be single, when she was actually in a serious relationship with someone else [Another happy ending; she ended up breaking things off with her Significant Other, kept the guy she lied to, and they've been married for eight years].

Of course, "the lie" doesn't always pan out. One woman, finding out her date was a rabid college football fan, told him she was his favorite school's marketing director, and could hook him up with tickets and trips to follow the team. He started asking for details! She made it through the date, but never spoke to him again.

Sometimes, one or both parties may conceal details about themselves until they get to know the other person better. One woman hides that she's a single mom until she can sound out her date on whether he can accept a child as part of the package. Another gives a false name until she's sure she wants her date to know who she really is [she and her friends pick names that start with the same letter when they go out in a group].

In online dating, of course, lies seem to be part of the package. The website BeautifulPeople.com discovered that more than half of 1000 members surveyed told fibs about their appearance [what's the point if you plan on meeting these people?]!

So, come clean: have you ever told a first-date lie? Get it off your conscience, here or on our Facebook page.