It's Erie County Fair time in Western New York. Mix 96 will be out at the Fair 24/7 until it is over. Buffalo comedian Tony P. is staying in a Coleman RV from Camping World of Buffalo at Slade Park. When you visit be sure to enter to WIN the RV. Mix 96 will be giving it away to one lucky winner on August 22.

If you are heading out to the Fair, make sure you are prepared. Here are some simple Do's and Don'ts for the 2016 Erie County Fair.

DO wear sunscreen.

DON'T wear open-toed shoes in the wet horse see where this is going right?


DO try the margaritas at the Margarita Tiki Bar.

DON'T jump on stage with Terry Buckwald.


DO try a food you haven't tried before.

DON'T make yourself into and exhibit by eating everything. Also Don't mention your love of pork products around the piglets – that's just evil.


DO go check out the Mooternity Ward (which we are also streaming live right here).

DON'T turn your back on the llamas.


DO pay the 50 cents to see the world's smallest horse.

DON'T come out and tell everyone in the line you've seen smaller....


DO get Chiavetta's and eat it with your hands!!

DON'T eat it next to the chicken coops.


DO stop by and say hi to Tony P. in Slade Park where he is living in an RV for the duration of the Fair and signup to WIN the RV!!

DON'T make fun of how he looks at the end of the try living at the Erie County Fair for almost two weeks!