As you may or may not know I am a huge nerd when it comes to Apple and their products. I'm always pushing my family and friends to be the same way. So recently my Mom updated her phone to the latest operating system iOS10, when I found out she was unaware of all the cool new features of the update I showed her my favorites.

Of those features were some of the updates made to iMessages. If you haven't seen it yet you can send really cool screen animations to those you text like balloons and laser beams. (Check out the video below as an example).

When my mom saw that she could do this she was quickly overcome with joy (it's the simple things in life right?!) I gave her a quick tutorial while at lunch to show her how to do it. Naturally 1 day later she forgot everything I showed her on how to do it.

Below is a conversation we had today in which she tried to get her phone use this feature. I was dying laughing because what you can't see in the photos is that she with every text in an attempt to send me various animations she was continuously and mistakenly sending balloon animations. (Legit balloons with EVERY TEXT)

Finally she figured it out and is now on board the Apple train!  Do you have struggles with modern tech??? My mom can't be the only one! Let me know in the comments.