Watching the updates on yesterday's (12/14/12) tragedy unfold, I can't help but see some physical similarities between the Newtown, CT shooter and the Aurora, CO shooter (I don't even want to breathe the names of these selfish madmen).

JoyFM, Laura Daniels

This isn't a breakthrough in the case by any means, but the physical similarities brought back eerie memories of reporting on the Aurora theater massacre.

Much like on 9/11, we are all sharing this nightmare together, and it's my belief we'll all become spiritually stronger as a result.  Remember when the streets were lined with American flags in the days following the fall of the Twin Towers?  So too, I think, we will see more parents/adults engaging in caring, comforting conversations with their children, reminding them how precious life is, and how conflict - whether internal or dialogue-driven - can and should be solved in logical, thoughtful, non-violent ways.

To echo my post from yesterday, I do not believe this comes down to gun control.  As we've learned from press conferences, yesterday's suspect attempted to acquire a handgun from a licensed gun retailer on 12/11, but due to the already strict Connecticut gun-control laws, was denied, pending the required background checks and waiting periods.  The system WORKED.  The legally-obtained guns used in the massacre allegedly belonged to the shooter's mother.

Most of my life, I've leaned a bit to the left.  As I've grown older, educated myself, and absorbed information, my views have moderated slightly.  Bottom line, I hold true what I believe to be true, and do not and will not shove my beliefs down anyone else's throat.  That is the beauty of having our God-given free will.  However, as the days wear on in this investigation, it's already become apparent some are wanting to push this tragedy in towards "we need more gun control".  What we need is more caring, attentive, and open communication about "people" control....and that starts with our children, at a very young age, and continues through adult life.  Again, people who have no business owning a weapon will find a way to obtain one.

Unfortunately, those 20 precious young lives won't have the opportunity to form their own views, opinions, and develop their senses of right and wrong.  But as we move forward in this global think-tank, perhaps we can all begin grooming our children to become more self-aware, and thus more community-aware, and raising what I believe will be the next generation of kind, decent humanity.  Indeed, what the world needs now, is love.

Take care of each other <3 LD