In radio and television, there are sometimes short messages called PSAs, short for Public Service Announcements. As you probably have guessed, they're designed to pass along some information useful to everybody. As you're about to see, they do things differently in Australia.

Dumb Ways To Die, created for a public transportation service, has been on YouTube for 13 days. In that time, it's had almost 26 million hits! It has its own web site, downloadable versions, even a karaoke mix. (The t-shirts and hats are just a matter of time)

A quick warning: though the video features cute cartoon characters, they all die, sometimes in rather unpleasant ways.Personally, I think it's ok for all but the youngest kids. But you know your children better than I [hopefully, anyway]. Maybe watch it once, then decide:

Seeing this might not save you from a dumb death. But you'll probably remember what not to do when you meet a grizzly bear [poke a stick at him, in case you forgot].

Just trying to help...


Thanks to for reporting on Australian safety films. This site looks like it could be fun...