Krazy Town is part of the Krazy Kids Inflatable Fun Run and it will be packed with fun activities, inflatable town landmarks, food and much more! When your child or children are not running the Krazy Kids Inflatable course have fun with the whole family in Krazy Town.

Considered the “heart of the event”, Krazy Town is a great place to spend some quality family time!

Krazy Kids Inflatable Fun Run takes place at University at Buffalo on July 23.

From an Insane Train to Wild Wash, Fun Farm and Kooky Kapitol – it is the “bounciest” town you’ll ever step foot in – your kids will be entertained for hours!

Insane Train

Climb up to the tippy top of the smoke stacks and slide all the way down the side of the giant engine.

Krazy Kids Inflatable Fun Run Train Station

Wild Wash

Think of it like a car wash for kids, complete with bouncy bubbles, bristly brushes and more.

Krazy Kids Inflatable Fun Run Car Wash

Fun Farm

Leap through the doorway into our big barn, and go krazy crawling, jumping, and climbing on the Tricky Truck tires, bouncy boxes, and enormous eggs inside.

Krazy Kids Inflatable Fun Run Farm