Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump will be in Buffalo tonight (Monday) on the eve of New York's primary elections.

The Secret Service has been working together with Buffalo Police to ensure the safety of everyone attending the rally. Nearly 20,000 are expected to show up, and you can to see a huge police presence around the First Niagara Center throughout the day.

Strict security measures will be in place for everyone who enters the First Niagara Center, and each person will be screened by the Secret Service. Also note that signs, banners, backpacks, food, drinks and weapons will NOT be allowed inside.

Doors at the First Niagara Center will open at 4:00PM, and the event kicks off at 7:00PM. Police are urging everyone to arrive early.

Traffic Note:

Starting at 12Noon, several roads surrounding the First Niagara Center will be closed to traffic... Illinois Street, Perry Street between Illinois and South Park Avenue, South Park between Illinois and halfway up between Perry and Scott Streets. A half block of Washington Street will also be closed between the entrance to the HarborCenter ramp and Perry Street.

The First Niagara Center ramp will be closed, along with several other ramps and parking lots around the FNC.

Authorities are urging people to use public transportation to attend the rally, and security will be present on the trains to ensure the safety of everyone.