Two of my favorite things -- going to the dollar store and trying to improve my domestic goddess-ness -- were combined in some of my long holiday weekend projects.

I make a habit of pinning and saving way too many articles about cleaning/organizing hacks. Finally, instead of just collecting tips, I implemented some!

Materials for the magnetic spice rack: magnetic tins (2 in a package, making these only 50 cents each), spices, and a permanent marker for labeling.

My first project was to get some order to my spices. It was super easy to do this magnetic spice rack. All told, this project cost under $5 to do. Plus, these magnetic containers likely have a hundred other uses (wrangling hair ties, organizing screws/nails/bolts in a workshop...I even thought these might make good containers for my vitamins that I usually always forget to take -- put them all in one of these, and put them right on the fridge -- lord knows I never forget to go to the refrigerator a hundred times a day).

And now my spices hang right where I need them -- on the fridge instead of precariously stacked in my pantry waiting to topple over onto me.

The big drawback to this project is that the lids aren't airtight at all, and can pull off easily -- which means you'll need to remember to grab the containers by the sides instead of the top when taking them off your magnetic surface.

Next, I'm going to attempt to tackle the bobby pin issue in my home. Let's see what I can come up with during another dollar store visit!

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