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Woobie (Submitted by Vicki Leistner)

'Woobie' Submitted by Vicki Leistner

Woobie is a 4-year-old Shih Tzu mix that is very stubborn. His favorite toy is his stuffed rabbit that we call his baby. He lays on the floor for hours just sucking on it. As you can see by the picture, Woobie loves to get into trouble. This is what happens after he has a bath.

Velvet (Submitted by Susan Pennington-Burns)

'Velvet' Submitted by Susan Pennington-Burns

Velvet is a Great Dane. She is 18 months old. She is 130 pounds of love and devotion. She goes to obedience school and does really well. She is a lap dog and loves to play with her toys and the two other dogs we have. She likes to go for walks in Lewiston.

Kentucky Jack (Submitted by Lisa McCarthy)

'Kentucky Jack' Submitted by Lisa McCarthy

We adopted Jack last year from New Orleans Animal Rescue Foundation when he was one. He was found on the side of the road in a puddle with broken legs after a hit and run. We will be celebrating his second birthday in August, and as you can see, it seems like he has always been part of our family!!! We love our baby!

Aldous (Submitted by Heather McCall)

'Aldous' Submitted by Heather McCall

Aldous is a 2-year-old Pomeranian. He was rescued last year. Aldous is a very playful and sweet dog. He likes taking walks and playing with his toys.

Harry (Submitted by Dawn Pohlman)

'Harry' Submitted by Dawn Pohlman

Harry is a 4-year-old hairless Chinese Crested. He is the sweetest dog you will ever meet! I feel I "rescued" Harry from someone selling him at 14 weeks old. I was told "no one wanted him because he was ugly and touching his skin was GROSS." I couldn't leave him there! We have been best friends ever since! Harry is by my side all day! I have a beauty shop, and when I have a child’s haircut to do and they are upset, I bring out Harry and they fall in love, and the haircut gets done! Harry also visits my grandmother in the nursing home; he always becomes the hit of the visit.

Sadie (Submitted by Beth Martin)

'Sadie' Submitted by Beth Martin

Sadie won my heart in about 20 seconds. Her poor mom was brought into the shelter at age 8, and someone was still breeding her. She was very weak and dehydrated, but thankfully she had eight wonderful, healthy Shepherd/Lab puppies. Sadie has added so much love into our home. She has the best birthmark; it’s in the shape of a heart right over her heart. Sadie is one year old. Her favorite toy is her first toy, which was a red stuffed snake. Right now there is only a little scrap of it left, but it is still her favorite!

Penelope (Submitted by Alexandra Miceli)

'Penelope' Submitted by Alexandra Miceli

Princess Penelope is a 4-month-old Morkie. She lives with her sister Sophie and loves to play tug of war all day. Her favorite activity is to go to the dog park and run in the mud! She plays with all the big dogs and has no fear whatsoever. By the time she is done, she looks like a small black rat!

Bella (Submitted by Rachael Krause)

'Bella' Submitted by Rachael Krause

Bella is 7 years old, and she is an American Bulldog. In this photo, Bella has her sunglasses on, and she was patiently waiting for her first ride in the boat. She loves boating, going for walks and eating. She looks intimidating, but she is kind and gentle, and she loves people!!

Misty (Submitted by Jeanne Green)

'Misty' Submitted by Jeanne Green

Misty came into our lives and family 11 years ago. We rescued her from the Buffalo Animal Shelter. She is a Shepherd mix with long black fur and a tail that I call a mushroom tail. She is very smart and loves to go on her walks. All I have to say is, "Misty do want," and she starts barking until we walk. We all love our Misty dog.

Oliver Moose (Submitted by Nikki Meller)

'Oliver Moose' Submitted by Nikki Meller

He is a 2-year-old Yorkshire Terrier. He loves belly rubs, going to grandma's house and his tennis ball that he can't quite fit in his mouth because he's too small, but that doesn't stop him from trying!