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Ren (Submitted by Jaclyn McKewan)

'Ren' Submitted by Jaclyn McKewan

Ren is a 1-year-old Chihuahua. His favorite toys are stuffed animals, which he loves to wrestle with. He loves any kind of attention, and my husband says he should work in PR because he knows how to "work a room." He will go up to strangers and sit in front of them (or roll on his back), just asking to be petted. He is very playful and happy, and he brings a lot of joy to our lives!

Emma (Submitted by Heather Fraccica)

'Emma' Submitted by Heather Fraccica

Emma was adopted through a rescue organization. She's a 1.5-year-old Malchi (Maltese/Chihuahua). She has the cutest underbite! She has a lot of energy but also loves to cuddle and be carried around.

Nala (Submitted by Darren McCormick)

'Nala' Submitted by Darren McCormick

Nala is an 11–week-old puppy from a rescue kill shelter. The poor thing was off to a rough start, as she was nothing but skin and bones when we got her! She is part Great Pyrenees and looks like she will be a big girl. She is very happy to have a doggie big sister "Claire", who she plays with all the time!

Diesel (Submitted by Ryan Hall)

'Diesel' Submitted by Ryan Hall

He's a red male Doberman Pinscher. His favorite toy is a Kong with treats in it. He loves to mess up my bed when I'm gone!

Roxy (Sumitted by Marietta Hojczyk)

'Roxy' Submitted by Marietta Hojczyk

Roxy is a 2.5-year-old rescue pup. She is a Shar Pei/Pitbull mix and is the sweetest pup ever! She's a big cuddle bug, and if you ask her to cuddle with you, she'll plop her head right on your chest and cuddle! She is smart as a whip and does agility training as well. She loves any toy that squeaks and has learned how to "fly". She is definitely one of the family, and we adore and love her!

Sasha, Sadie & Leila (Submitted by Sandra Salley)

'Sasha' 'Sadie' & 'Leila' Submitted by Sandra Salley

They are the most lovable dogs. Love to be outside, playing with each other, going for rides; they love going to their puppy plays also. Sasha is a 10-year-old Bichon, Sadie is a 7-year-old Yorkie/Pom, and Leila is a 4-year-old Yorkie.

Leon (Submitted by Shana Bebee)

'Leon' Submitted by Shana BeBee

Leon is our 3-year-old Pekingese/Shih Tzu that we adopted from P.A.W.S. He is like one of the kids and enjoys visiting the playground on an almost-daily basis, where he will go down the slide with our 2 year old and ride in the swing next to him. He is also very gentle and does not take advantage when our 2 year old walks him.

Clover, Piper & Daisy (Submitted by Cheryl Benzino)

'Clover' Submitted by Cheryl Benzino

All girls: Clover is a 94-pound Chocolate Lab puppy who thinks she's a wiener dog like her sisters Piper (mini red, age 9) and Daisy (mini black and tan, age 6). They all go into attack mode with water and not only love the baby pool, but Clover has mastered turning on the bathtub!!

George (Submitted by Sheri Hawley)

'George' Submitted by Sheri Hawley

George is a 6-year-old Peek-A-Poo-Pom! George doesn't really realize he is a dog. He likes to think of himself as a person. His favorite thing to do during the summer, besides getting petted by the neighborhood kids passing by, is lounging in the sun! His favorite position is lying on his back with his feet up! Long walks causes him to get a little kick in his step, and he loves jogging in front of us, only stopping at his favorite tree, fence post, long piece of grass or fire hydrant!

Sadie (Submitted by Donna Lee)

'Sadie' Submitted by Donna Lee

Sadie is a Pit/Lab mix. We got her as a puppy from the SPCA. When we got her home, we sat her on my husband’s lap in the recliner chair, and four years later and 65 pound heavier, she still sits there every night. She loves going for walks in the woods and on car rides.