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Marley (Submitted by Cathy Barton)

'Marley' submitted by Cathy Barton

Marley is a loveable boxer!

Savanna and Abby (Submitted by Debbie Ziuko)

'Savanna' and 'Abby' submitted by Debbie Ziuko

Savanna (left) is our puppy mill mommy rescue dog. She is a Mini-Schnauzer and 7 years old. We adopted her two years ago She is one of the sweetest dogs. Her favorite toy is a teddy bear. Abby (right) is a Schnoodle (Schnauzer/Poodle mix). We have had her since she was a puppy. She is 8 years old. Her favorite toy is her pink elephant, which she has had since we brought her home. The girls get along great. They love to pose for pictures, as this backyard shot shows.

Nano (Submitted by Kristine Salasavage)

'Nano' submitted by Kristine Salasavage

Nano is a 2-year-old long-haired Chihuahua with red hair. He enjoys shopping for new toys and treats (as you can see in the picture) and never passes up a good sale! Nano loves playing with his red Kong toy or his rope. He also LOVES swimming in our pool!!!

Mindy and Megan (Submitted by Rose Weilgosz)

'Mindy' and 'Megan' submitted by Rose Wielgosz

Bassett sisters that are now 5 years old. They love everyone and everything, including camping.

Boomer (Submitted by Tonja Royce)

'Boomer' submitted by Tonja Royce

Boomer is my little monkey monster who loves to take me for walks daily and play lacrosse. He is a Pitbull/American Bulldog mix and often gets mistaken for the famous "Petey" of The Little Rascals. A girl couldn't ask for a better snuggler!

Dexter (Submitted by Ashley Witt)

'Dexter' submitted by Ashley Witt

My fiancé and I adopted Dexter, a 4-month-old Beagle mix, a few weeks ago, and he is the best puppy ever! His previous owners abandoned him when he was just a baby, and we're so lucky to provide a loving, safe and healthy home for him where he can run around and be happy. He's made our lives better, and we hope that we've made his life better!

Toby (Submitted by Karla Mancuso)

'Toby' submitted by Karla Mancuso

Toby is a 1-year-old Golden Retriever who loves the water. When we were leaving the lake, I told Toby to say goodbye to the lake, and he went to the shore as if he were saying adieu to the water. We had him trimmed really short for the summer so he would be cooler and dry faster.

Milo (Submitted by Peggy Webb)

'Milo' submitted by Peggy Webb

Milo is 10 months old and is an Elkhound. He is a rescue.

Sophie (Submitted by Susan Dembitsky)

'Sophie' submitted by Susan Dembitsky

Sophie is a 4.5-year-old Maltese. She enjoys watching television, and you wouldn’t believe it, except if you saw it for yourself. Her favorite movie is K9, although she will watch a variety of things. She is just an all-around sweetie.

Izzie (Submitted by Anna Marie Petroziello)

'Izzie' submitted by Anna Marie Petroziello

When we first viewed Izzie, all of her brothers (she was the only female) were playing and running around like puppies, and she was just sitting in the corner. We thought maybe it might be a mistake to purchase a pup who was so extremely low-key. Wrong! She's nuts and is quite entertaining and very loving. She loves to play outside with sticks in her mouth running in circles at a speed only a rabbit could catch. She had a 'head-on' collision with a baby bunny – both just sat there for almost a full minute, obviously not knowing what to do. Hysterical! She has only barked twice when she was attacking a slipper, BUT she howls like a wolf – little head held high in pure form. This little toy Yorkie is only ONE POUND at 9 weeks old and is doing her best to mend the broken hearts of my husband and myself after the loss of our 15-year-old Yorkie named Tink, who left at us Christmas. Bringing Izzie home was a great decision!