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Flash (Submitted by Brian Germann)

‘Flash’ submitted by Brian Germann

I adopted Flash from the SPCA on Labor Day weekend 2010. He came from a home where he was beaten and neglected. We took him in and trained him to love, trust and enjoy the good things in life. I have never met a dog with a better personality, and he loves everyone, even though people did not always love him. He loves hanging out at the beach on these dog days of summer.

Scooter (Submitted by Mary Duck)

‘Scooter’ submitted by Mary Duck

This is my dog Scooter. He's a Yorkie mix, and he's 3 years old. One of his favorite things to do in the summer is to go bike riding with his mommy.

Mila and Layla (Submitted by Michael Caruso)

‘Mila’ and ‘Layla’ submitted by Michael Caruso

On April 14, 2013, our 13-year-old Beagle died at home in my wife's arms. Bina succumbed to congestive heart failure. The hole that she left in our home and in our hearts was immeasurable. After about two weeks, my 26-year-old daughter said that life without Bina was unbearable. After searching all of New York State for a Beagle, I was able to locate a breeder out of Pennsylvania. He informed me that he had been breading Beagles for 60 years. He then stated that he had a litter born just two weeks earlier, on April 14, 2013. These puppies were born on the day Bina died. Since there were two females left, we took them both. We know that Bina sent them to us because it would take at least two dogs to fill the hole that Bina left. They are the cutest, most spirited dogs that I have ever seen. They are totally inseparable and full of surprises. Every day is a new adventure, whether it’s running up the stairs while they are wrestling together or knocking over their dishes; these dogs are great. When they play, you would think it’s a dogfight. But at the end of the night, they snuggle close together. When they look at us, they reassure us that Bina led a good life and was very loved, because they feel the love that Bina had.

Nemo (Submitted by Tim LaDuca)

‘Nemo’ submitted by Tim LaDuca

Nemo is our 15-month-old dwarf Border Collie. He has had many medical issues over the course of the last year, but he is the most loving, attentive and handsome little boy. He always puts such a smile on everyone's face.

Lucky and Corky (Submitted by Rachel Mathien)

‘Lucky’ and ‘Corky’ submitted by Rachel Mathien

They are sisters who always need to be together. They will be three this August. They are long-fur Chihuahuas. Their favorite snacks are Tim Hortons plain Timbits. They are both Daddy's girls who go crazy when Daddy gets home from work. Please vote for us.

Star (Submitted by Janet Stroh)

‘Star’ submitted by Janet Stroh

Star is a 4-year-old Collie/Beagle mix and is a very active, playful dog whose favorite activity is playing ball. She lives to play ball and will do so all day long if she can find a willing human participant. She can be dog tired with her tongue hanging out, but she will not take her eyes off of the ball in eager anticipation of the next "toss."

Henry (Submitted by Matthew Wukovits)

‘Henry’ submitted by Matthew Wukovits

How do I even begin to tell you about Henry? At just over a year old, he already has figured out how to win the hearts of everyone he meets. He's a black and tan Dachshund with a mischievous personality and a genuine desire to please. This affectionate little guy will steal your discarded socks or towel one minute, then give you lots of snuggles and kisses the next! Henry loves to chew up his little stuffed barn or chase his large red ball around the yard. And his favorite trick? That's easy! He plays dead when you point your finger at him and say, "Bang!” Oh, and a favorite pastime is to go to Daddy's laptop, move the cursor around with his paw on the pad and try to bite it off the screen. Yep, that's our Henry!

Daphne (Submitted by Kathleen Measer)

‘Daphne’ submitted by Kathleen Measer

Daphne is an 8-year-old Keeshond. She has her canine good citizen and therapy dog certificates. She does agility and is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever known.

Lilly Mae (Submitted by Ashley Webb)

'Lilly Mae' submitted by Ashley Webb

Lilly is a fun-loving puppy that is almost 2 years old. She loves giving kisses and loves to play. She has two sisters that she loves and protects. Lilly needs surgery on both of her knees. I would like to get her surgery done soon, but I am currently saving up for it. She does not let her knees hold her back. She continues to run around and play.

Lilly (Submitted by Bill Weisbeck)

‘Lilly’ submitted by Bill Weisbeck

Lilly is a wonderful 8-week-old Newfoundland that loves to roll in the grass, swim in her kiddie pool and lay in front of any fan she can find to keep her cool on these hot summer days. Her favorite hobby is to hide any gardening tools, sneakers or flip-flops she can find lying around. Born in a valley in Cattaraugus County, she is affectionately called ‘Lilly of the Valley.’