Like the rest of Buffalo (and a good portion of the rest of the world!) I've been following Luna's time at the Buffalo Zoo.  Sure, baby ANYTHINGs are adorable...but getting to see an amazing creature from its beginning stages, right here in WNY?  We really are fortunate.

Then of course came yesterday's arrival from Alaska of Kali (pronounced "KUH-lee"), an orphaned little baby polar bear who's probably as anxious to meet Luna as we are!

Well, I get a little wistful when I see them playing on the news...because when my baby DJ came home, she was six weeks old, stark white and looked just like a baby polar bear. I started looking through her old pictures like a mom does...and even shed a few tears.

I love her now, but she's a bit sassy as an 18 month old. Gone are the days she'd just quietly nap on my lap. Now she crawls all over me, digging her bony elbows into my gut, chewing on the couch and, every once in a while, disappointing me with an "oops" in the spare room.

When I'm getting crazy-frustrated with her, it's helpful to remember when she was a sweet, innocent little "polar bear cub".

Do you ever look back at your kids' baby pictures when they're giving you a hard time?