For those of us trying to keep our nutrition goals in check, summer can be especially tough. After a long winter indoors, Buffalonians like to get on a patio.

And drink.

Alcohol can easily torpedo all good weight-loss intentions. And the more, um, health-conscious choices have been underwhelming when compared to the real thing (I'm looking at you, low-calorie beers).

Vodka maker Ketel One has instilled some hope in me. They've announced a "diet vodka" on their Instagram (must be over 21 and logged in to see their account).

Delish reports, "Ketel One Botanical has 73 calories per (1.5 oz.) shot which is 25 percent less than a shot of the brand's regular vodka. The new line will come in three flavors — cucumber and mint, peach and orange blossom, and grapefruit and rose."

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