I am the proud father of a 5 year old girl, who in turn is the proud owner of a bedroom full of dolls.  All different kinds of dolls and strollers...and when I am home alone they all creep me out!


I refer to my daughter as my heart, and like most Dads she has me wrapped around her finger.  It is so difficult to say no to her because she is so adorable!  I joke all the time that she could ask for a Ferrari and I would get it.


Luckily she never asks for that, she just wants dolls.  Dolls are cute and when my daughter plays with them it warms my heart.  The problem is when she is not playing with them and I am home alone.  That's when things get straight up creepy!

I go into her bedroom and I feel like they are all staring at me.  I swear that one of them is going to turn their head.  Some of her dolls make sounds, and those sounds will randomly go off and freak me out!  The worst is when one has an eye open and an eye closed or is missing a body part.


To go along with the dolls are the accessories.  I came home late the other night, and sitting in the middle of the living room was a stroller.  The scene was straight out of a horror movie.  I thought if that starts moving or I hear a baby cry I am out of here...and by out of here I mean moving out of the house!  I don't take any chances!  If the dolls want to take over the house, they win, I will just find a new house.  Life is too short!

If you haven't been around dolls you will not understand the creepiness they exude.  I am not afraid of dolls like I am with, say, spiders, but that doesn't mean I don't get creeped out.  I feel for people who are legit afraid of dolls because life must be a nightmare.  Especially if you have a daughter!